Listening to the Consumer Feedback… from Rural China

I’ve just read a post that I need to recommend. It has made me laugh… and it has also reminded me of the power of innovation and the business opportunities hidden at the “bottom of the pyramid”[1].

Have you ever heard about a washing machine that can wash potatoes as well as clothes? Or about rodent-proof refrigerators? The post “Domestic Innovation to Meet the Needs of China’s Rural Consumers” at The China Observer will tell you about Haier (Chinese household appliance manufacturer and one of the biggest producers in the world) and its success innovating to meet China’s rural customer needs.

[1] Bottom of the Pyramid: I’m borrowing this concept from the book “The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid” by C.K. Prahalad (Wharton School Publishing). This book elaborates on the entrepreneurial capabilities and the buying power of the poorer- and the possibility of making profits while helping them.

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