Marketing to Seniors in China

Yesterday I attended a business lunch hosted by AmCham Shanghai where the guest speaker, Tom Doctoroff, JWT´s North Asia Director and Greater China CEO, delivered a presentation about strategies for marketing to seniors in China. So, if the elderly population is your target, you will find bellow some themes/communication strategies that could help you reach them.

From the perpspective of the “possibilites of me”
1. “Olden is Golden”
Strengthen their roll in society by celebrating seniors´ wisdom

2. “Forever Young”
Shift communication from worry-based protection (currently overused) to life-enhacing liberation

3. “Reward”
Provide permission to bite into the forbidden fruit (they are savers! so feel guilty about spending)
3.a. “Justify the treat”
3.b. “Timeless Value, Timeless Joy” (Old fashioned values as a way to provide future happiness)

From the perspective of “reinforcement of we” (important in a culture like China where individualism is not encouraged)
4. “Tighten Family Bonding”
Reinforce the ties that bind the clan, basic building block of society
4.a.”Lubricate inter-generational communication”
4.b.”Let Grandparents Raise the Cherished Dumplings”

5. “New Friends, New Communities”
Where the brand establishes new platforms for social bonding

6.”Forge China Pride”
Empower the mature to continue building a glorious nation.

If you are interested in reading further about this topic, you can also read Doctoroff’s post titled “China’s Senior Market: Grey Today, Golden Tomorrow” where he explains in further detail all these themes.

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