China: Five Trends to Monitor

(3rd post based on an interview to Vladimir Djurovic, LabBrand owner/founder- Labrand provides market and consumer research, brand strategy and creative services)

Vladimir Djurovic’s company, LabBrand, does plenty of research in the Chinese market, so I asked him what his views were on recent market trends in China that entrepreneurs would find interesting. These were his exact words:

“China: Five trends to monitor on four vital axis for brands:

-On Culture and Behaviour:
TREND # 1: Growing need for professional training solutions for service industries like catering, hospitality, etc…. How come this is still not yet there in China? It is time to open schools/academies and train your people!
– On Communication and Design:
TREND # 2: Branded applications for Mobile platforms (Ipod/ Android) – it is going to surge in the coming months and huge opportunities exist for brands and also for developer/content providers
– On Product and Services:
TREND # 3: One hot topic for the next decade in China : Medicines/ Pharma industry
– On Market and Consumers:
TREND # 4: Rise of the elderly Chinese spending – I was yesterday checking the opening of a high end retirement home in the suburb of Shanghai ( yes I know this is super glamorous!!) and I believe this is just the beginning of a lasting trend.
TREND # 5: Watch for more Online shopping especially in the luxury or high end segment.”

What interesting trends have you identified out there?

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