Retaining your Chinese Employee

When I wrote a post entitled “5 Recruitment Tips for Entrepreneurs in China” one of my readers left the following comment:

“Definitely rotation is a handicap in China’s labor market. We invest time and money on training teams and when they begin to be productive they move to your competitor. Any tip on how to achieve loyalty… besides salary increase?”

I have still not got around writing a post about it, but today I came across a post by Joel Backaler at The China Observer entitled “3 Tips to Keep your Top Chinese Talent” that I feel shares very valuable insights on the topic. This is a sum up of his three tips (but I recommend you read the full article from his blog):

  1. Be Flexible about Employees Titles– some companies have standarized internal titles and pay grades, but are not concerned about their employees writing something that sound better to them in their business cards (I assume as long as it is not misleading)
  2. Think long term when it comes to incentives– some companies have come up with incentive schemes that link some “treasured” item (like a company contribution to a car purchase & a free loan) to permanence in the company for a number of years.
  3. Shatter the Glass Ceiling– as soon as your Chinese employee perceives an obstacle in her ascending career she will move to another firm, so make sure you have a career plan for your best people.

Would you like to share some other tips?

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