Seeing is Believing…. And I mean it!

Let’s admit it, a lot of the China stories we hear around are actually funny … Once the entrepreneurs that have gone through them stop being mad, they make quite entertaining stories to tell over dinner. So, today I will share a “tip” and a comic story to illustrate it.

Tip of the day: If something does not sound right, it probably isn’t. So go and check it with your own eyes (or somebody’s you trust).

Story Setting: Entrepreneur’s very first shipment arrives. All excitement. Lamb racks arrive from New Zealand and will be showcased at a very high profile event… in 3 weeks time. All good, they just have to travel extra 10 km to the chef.

Conversation with the custom clearance agent:
Day 1. “Yes, they’re here. We are repacking them from 100kg packs into 10kg packs, so they’re easy to move.
Day 2. “They’re coming, they’re coming…”
Day 19. “They’re coming, they’re coming…”

So, entrepreneur thinks “That’s it.  I’ve had enough, surely I can go there and if I yell and scream I will be able to get my chops.” And as he is driving down in the van, he rings the warehouse company and says “I’m coming up”.
– Oh, sorry, they’re not here. They’re somewhere else.
– Where are them? ‘Cause I’m coming over.

At the second warehouse …Another surprise. No chops to be seen … in fact, freezers full of pineapple juice… and it seems they have been full of pineapple juice for months. People at this warehouse mention to him:
– Ah, no, no, this is the busiest time of the year for pineapples and the fridges are always full of pineapple juice. We could not possibly hold lamb here!!!!

So what had happened to the chops? Well, there is a happy ending because they did not disappear but:
– They had never been repacked, as this entrepreneur had been told from day 1.
– They had been sitting in a freezer in a 3rd warehouse during the whole time…
And it was only when he actually got on a van a started creating pressure that all this was discovered.

Not that unusual, is it?

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