Buying Out Your Chinese Supplier?

China Law Blog has published a post about foreign companies that try to buy out their Chinese suppliers. Dan Harris makes very enjoyable reading out of a very serious topic. You can read his post entitled here: “Buying A Chinese Company. Why China Deals Don´t Get Done

This is what you will learn from his article:
Very common practises for Chinese companies are:
-to under report employee wages to the government
-to underpay taxes
-to pay the rent under the table.
Which may be easy to get away with as a Chinese company but not as a WFOE.

So, if you are considering buying out your Chinese supplier, life will be a bit different for you. As a WFOE, your company will probably be wanting to play by the rules (and you better do it because as a foreign company you will be closely scrutinised) and the profits your supplier was making will be imposible to replicate as you will:
-end up paying double the amount your supplier was paying in wages and benefits
-pay all your income taxes
-have to increase booked rental costs

This is the short version. Read the original post here to get really interesting details and some cost estimates.

I will only add that it is indeed widely known that these practises are common. Some of these issues I will also mention in the second part of “A China Joint Venture Survival Guide” that is coming soon (Check my first post on the topic here)

Do you have any stories about buying out a Chinese company?

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