China: Foreign Women in Business

Mark Andrews, a journalist based in Shanghai, got in touch with me a couple of months back when he was researching to write a couple of articles about doing business in China. I got an email from him this week to let me know one of his articles had been published in March and a second one is scheduled for April.

The first article he wrote is entitled “Women in Business. How they´re building success” and has been published in Laowai magazine.
I read so much about obstacles and challenges we encounter when doing business in China that I thought it would be nice to highlight a few positive messages that the entrepreneur women in Mr Andrew´s article send out. And I find very inspirational reading about small businesses´ success:

Brigitte Elie of ecoBibi: “I think my business would not be where it is today if I was in any other country. China has allowed me to maximize my creativity; I can think of an idea for a new product in the morning and the prototype is done before noon!”

Heather Kaye of FINCH: “This is a very female empowered scene. You can get just about anything here so any idea you have, now is the time to put it in motion

And a useful tip from Ms. Kaye: “You need to plan to have enough money to last two years. That’s the time it takes to establish a brand here”

Enjoy the read. Have you also made true your business dream in China?

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