Doing Business In China: What Do I Need To Know About Guanxi?

If you are considering doing business in China, you will surely soon hear the word guanxi (关系 ). And if you are already doing business in China, I bet you have already used this word yourself.

I´ve just read “Guanxi for the Busy American” by Andrew Hupert. Whether you are American or not, this book will provide you with all you need to know about guanxi. It is insightful and an easy read.

I especially like how he demystifies some damaging myths like:
-Guanxi is a euphemism for corruption.

-Guanxi is the only key to success in China

-If you have guanxi, you don’t have to worry about laws, regulations, bureaucrats, etc.

Enjoy the reading!

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  1. Yeah…GUANXI makes everthing much easier for those influential people. On the contrary, common people have no wealth and power, and they have to face lots of unfair matters. I always feel very angry in this situation!