A China Joint Venture Success Story (Part III). Where To Go Now?

Today I bring you the third part of “A China joint venture success story”, an anonymous guest post by somebody who has been a partner in a joint venture in the manufacturing sector in China for over ten years. Make sure you do not miss the first and second part. You may read them in the links below:
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Today´s post will describe this JV´s new situation. After more than 10 years of successful operation, key aspects of the relationship change: different players, different capabilities and new decisions to be made. Let´s read about it.

A Joint Venture Success Story (Part III). Where To Go Now?

We have had an excellent relationship over the past 11 years as we have been very profitable and able to sort out our differences amicably (and there have been some big differences), and accepted each other’s foibles. But the one thing we have not been able to do is to get the JV to change to meet the new and different market realities.
Our GM moved up the ladder some five years ago, as a bright and competent leader should, but he could not break the unspoken rule of the SOE (State-owned enterprises)  and find a replacement for himself outside the organization, even on our insistence.
We ended up with the accountant running the operation. Although managerially able, she has no commercial sense and we are suffering. We therefore will continue with the JV as long as it works for us but have already started up our own plant elsewhere in the same area. I understand, having spoken to a lot of people about our experience, that this is the normal cycle for JV’s and that eventually one partner outgrows the other and the “joint” goes out of the “venture”. We have reached this stage but it was great while it lasted.


What do you think? Is this the expected life cycle for a China joint venture?

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