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1. Rep Office/ WFOEs
2. Getting Started in China
3. Negotiating/ Dealing with Suppliers
4. Selling & Marketing in China
5. Intellectual Property
6. Human Resources
7. China Industries/ Business Strategy
8. Business Environment

1.Rep Office/ WFOEs/ Joint Ventures
* Setting Up a Rep Office in China (I): 10 Steps and Some Practical Tips
* Setting Up a Rep Office in China (II): New Regulations further Restrictions
* Setting Up a Rep Office in China (III): Less Exemptions, More Taxes! The New Tax Treatment is Here!
* Basic Steps to Form a WFOE in China
* A Joint Venture Survival Guide. 22 Facts and Practical Tips (I)
* A Joint Venture Survival Guide. 22 Facts and Practical Tips (II)
* A Joint Venture Survival Guide. 22 Facts and Practical Tips (III)
* A Joint Venture Survival Guide. 22 Facts and Practical Tips (3 posts compiled)
* Buying Out your Chinese Supplier
2.Getting Started in China
* 7 Top Tips for Entrepreneurs Starting Business in China
* The Entrepreneurs Dilemma: How Much Money do I Invest…?
* The Entrepreneurs Dilemma (II): How do I navigate through a founding shortfall in China?
* Researching the Market before you Start your China Business: A Photography Gallery Story
* Getting Hold of the Consumers in China: Education and Networking
* China Stories: Choosing the Wrong Company Formation Agent could Kill your Business!
* Seeing is Believing… and I mean it!
* Doing Business in China: 14 Insights Gained on the Ground
* The Power of Networking in China
* What Do I Need to Know About Guanxi
* Is it All About Who you Know?
* Foreign Women in Business
* Ten Tips for Doing Business in China
3.Negotiating/ Dealing with Suppliers
* 36 Tips on How to Deal or Negotiate with your Chinese Suppliers
* 21 Steps to Follow When Sourcing from China (part I)
* 5 Tips for Negotiating and Dealing with your Suppliers in China
* 12 Tips for Negotiating a Dealing with your Suppliers in China (II)
* Tips for Negotiating and Dealing with your Suppliers in China (III): OEM Agreements
* Negotiating Power: Are Small Companies in a Strong Negotiating Position in China
* Sourcing from China: Who are the Happy Buyers?
* Do not Interrupt Me & 6 Reasons Why you Should Not Do It
* Quality Control. Can you Hear me Loud and Clear?
* China Inspection Company: Has yours Got a Conflict of Interest?
* Arbitrating your China Disputes
* War with your Chinese Supplier and 4 Ways to Prevent it
* 4 Tips to Succeed in Times of Silence
4.Selling & Marketing in China
* and On-line Shopping in China
* Selling Imported Wine to the Chinese Consumer
* Selling Wine in China… And Getting Paid! 5 Tips from the Experts
* Selling a “Hot License” to the Chinese Retail: A Door Opening Strategy
* Selling to Chinese Clients as a Service Provider?
* Listening to the Consumer Feedback…from Rural China
* Marketing to Seniors in China
* Business Excellence: It Pays Back: 3 Tips from m97 Art Gallery in Shanghai, China
* Exporting to China: Not as Easy as People Think
* 9 Business Tips from Shanghai Toy Club Owner
* Retail in China(I): Choosing your Business Model (Distributor, Agent, Franchise)
* Retail in China (II): Choosing your Business Model (Corner, Shop Lease, Internet)
* Retail in China (III): 10 Expert Tips to Help a Succesful Set Up
* Retail in China (I, II and III compiled)
* 2020 Chinese Consumer Report
* Chinese Consumer: Confident and Not that Loyal
* When doing Business in China Means Doing the Right Thing

5.Intellectual Property
* 6 Tips for Start Ups and Innovators on Intellectual Property Management in China
* Trademark Rights in China: Good News, Bad News
* 15 Tips on IP Protection in China… most of them no money required!

6.Human Resources
* 5 Top Hiring Mistakes in China
* 3 Trends in the Chinese Labour Market
* 5 Recruitment Tips for Entrepreneurs in China
* 7 Tips on How to Recruit Managers for SMEs in China
* Receiving Feedback in China. Not Easy but Possible
* 7 Tips on How to Retain your Talent Outside 1st Tier Cities
* HR in China: “Accept what you’ve got and model them into what you expect them to be”
* Retaining your Chinese Employee
* 6 Tips on How to Retain your Chinese Talent
* China Stories: Trustworthy Employee… Please, Don’t Go!
* Top Challenge for Foreign Companies in China: Human Resources Constraints
* HR in China: Structure your Needs and Plan your Growth
* Foreign Companies: Sexy No More
* 10 Reasons Why your Chinese Employee is Leaving You
* Why are your Chinese Employees Leaving You?

7.China Industries/ Business Strategy
* China Automotive (Autoparts) Industry
* Business Opportunities in China: Pharma Industry
* China Food Industry: “Give them the Guts”
* China: 5 Trends to Monitor
* Business Strategy Debate in China: Staying Focused vs. Seizing the Opportunity
* China Business Strategy: “FOCUS”… Don’t chase it all!


8.Business Environment
* Top Business Challenges in China 2011-2012
* Top Legal / Regulatory Challenges in China
* Business Environment for Foreign Companies in China
* China Indigenous Innovation Product Accreditation. Some Good News
* Foreign Investment in China. New Regulations Soon to be Issued
* Foreign Investment. New Regulations… Now Issued
* CSR and Law Violations… Can Entrepreneurs and SMEs really do anything about it?
* US Companies Feel Positive about China
* Top Business Challenges for Foreign Companies in China