Buyer´s Guide to Sourcing in China

Some time back Daniel Su from Global Sources contacted me to let me know about their sourcing platform and all their available resources that they hoped could help this blog´s readership.

I was initially planning to write a post based on their “Buyer´s Guide to Sourcing in China”, but, as I was going through it in order to prepare the article, I realized it was SO GOOD that you should not miss one single line of what it says.

This guide covers the following aspects:

-evaluating suppliers, including really good tips on how to identify a legitimate manufacturer or what to check when auditing a factory

-negotiating with suppliers

-managing production & QC, including some tips on problema solving

-protecting your IP

You may read “Buyer´s Guide to Sourcing in China” here.

I was also pleasently surprise to discover the amount of really good information that they have put together on their site: sourcing frequently asked questions, experts´videos, articles written by sourcing professionals , interviews and surveys. You can find all this here.

I am sure you find all these resources very useful.

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